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Project Description

 Cambridge Biotech
 March 21, 2012
Interim and NED

Implementing commercial processes and systems

Rowan recently provided interim cover for a Cambridge Biotechnology firm providing biologic discovery services  to the pharmaceutical industry. The company was planning to launch a new service offering and expand its international sales operations and asked us to manage sales in Europe.

To support the company’s revenue growth, we also took the opportunity to implement a cloud based CRM system to allow sales staff working remotely to keep in contact and improve the electronic marketing systems.  We chose a UK company Little Green Plane for direct email list management and campaigns for their excellent user support and ease of use and the Zoho CRM system for is super flexibility, security and modularity.

Once phase 1 of the CRM was up and running we were able to build out further functionality to allow reporting of projects to the technical teams and to accounting ensuring that our client could develop its operating processes around a reliable source of management information.

In addition to the systems, Rowan was able to secure projects with a major pharma company, fast growing biotech companies and license the client’s underlying technology to third parties.