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Project Description

 Economic Development Bank
 Sept 2011
Economic Development, Venture Strategy

Mapping to the Money

In 2011 an economic development bank commissioned Biolauncher to undertake a global life science investment analysis to identify the sources of capital that were funding and creating life science business.  As part of the analysis we mapped the flow of capital into UK biotechnology companies and showed how where you were was important in successfully securing investment. Between 2009 and 2011  85% of the capital invested in the UK life science companies went to businesses located in Oxford, Cambridge and London.  However the academic impact of life science and medical schools is felt far beyond the South East.

We were able to build a case to convince our client to take a Limited Partner (LP) position in a new regional fund – the first such investment that they had made. We regard as being an important step in strengthening the UK capital base for life sciences and a necessary measure in securing economic benefit outside the South East region.