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Our Ethos

Everyone at BioLauncher has a passion for life science and the potential benefits that science can bring to all of our lives. We also understand that these benefits can only be realized when scientific innovation leads to successful commercial products. It is this ‘Science Fuelled Business’ that defines what we do at Biolauncher.

Working at Biolauncher is fun. We derive immense satisfaction from guiding our clients through the process of bringing technologies to market and understanding what it takes to make that happen. We work across the value and innovation chain.  Our clients include university professors, founders, investors, technology buyers, economic development organisations and the NHS.

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    Expert and Experienced

    We are experts in our fields and we have decades of experience which means our advice is grounded in the reality of what works.

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    International Networks

    Our international career experience and active engagement with global networks give us connections to experts based around the world.

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    Evidence Led

    We apply our informatics skills to building robust data sets to underpin our opinion. Let the data speak!

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    Our clients tell us we are funny. We hope that means they enjoy working with us...

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