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As an entrepreneur or technology transfer professional confronted by a blank sheet of paper, the task of drafting a business plan can seem daunting. If you are running flat out growing your business and securing customers it can be hard to model the dynamics of your business and find the time to write your thoughts down.  Nevertheless the time comes when you will need an agreed business plan which you can take to the Board or to prospective investors.

In these situations we can help organise your thoughts into a compelling set of numbers, coherent strategy and defensible story.

It’s not a secret at Biolauncher – we like writing business plans

Having written many plans for our own businesses to support fund raising in both Europe and North America, we help you to structure and write the plan.  We have developed tools that guide you through the process of estimating your future capital requirements, and which can automatically help you explore the impact of different scenarios on cash flow.

Our business plans seem to be effective.  We estimate that out plans have secured over $100M of risk capital.

Go to market, product launch and revenue growth

We cut our teeth bringing innovative software products to the life science markets, and we know the importance of first impressions, excellent marketing communications and managing and reporting the sales pipeline.

We are adept at helping clients maximize the utility of their customer information helping them implement cost effective cloud based CRMs to keep track of sales opportunity, revenue potential and billings. These systems are now very cheap to operate, fully integrate with mobile devices and allow companies to implement management and reporting processes that allow the business to scale.

We have helped our clients grow their revenues and expand their operations as a result of greater transparency and accountability within their commercial operations. We have also reduced creation of Board reports from a couple of days of agony to a few clicks.

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