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Quantifying the Market Opportunity

Rigorous market analysis requires that verifiable datasets are brought together to quantify demand, current investment and the number of prospective buyers.  This is a core competence of Biolauncher and is fundamental to building a business case that is robust and verifiable. We have developed systems that allow us to draw on a number of industry sources. ShowcaseBio is a global database of life science companies which is useful in assessing prospective partners and competition. We are also familiar with accessing and analysing HES data and various healthcare outcomes registries.   We combine quantitative analysis with visualization, and expert opinion to reveal historic market trends and evaluate future demand.

Informing the Go to Market Strategy

Once the market opportunity is known, we can use our data integration skills to prioritize the go to market activity and focus sales and marketing resource in the areas of most opportunity.  We have achieved significant success with organisations seeking to grow their market share through this approach.  For example, plotting revenue by account and comparing it with a map of relevant healthcare procedures will quickly reveal the extent of market penetration, and further analysing which healthcare professionals specialise in those procedures at the key prospective accounts will deliver maximum revenue impact.

By implementing a rational targeted approach to sales account planning we doubled annual revenues for one client in 5 months with no increase in sales headcount.

Video showing highlights on a full interactive analysis of prosthetic hip and knee surgeries showing commissioning trends. Using the data it was possible to prioritize engagement with key hospitals and target KOLs