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  • OzoPure worked with Steve Gardner in relation to a strategic submission to the TSB for grant funding of a pivotal R&D project. From the first engagement Steve proved to be both technically incisive and incredibly engaged in the process. His contribution was way in excess of our expectations in relation to the scope and structure of the application and Steve’s wealth of experience enabled him to add to the concept in several notable areas.

    Tim Hirst, CEO
  • The BioLauncher team were instrumental in helping me win a $5m project with the Technology Strategy Board. Their combination of business savvy, industry contacts and technical knowledge of life sciences and healthcare is second to none.

    Simon Beaulah, Director Healthcare Strategy
  • You brought market knowledge, thoughtful guidance and humour to our exec team strategy session; we were able to rationalise the next steps and agree priorities swiftly as a result.

    David Flanders, CEO
    Eagle Genomics
  • I learned a huge amount, all of which will have a direct and positive impact on my ability to support the businesses I work with

    Master Class Attendee
  • I’ve just had a chance to look through the attached [grant application] it’s brilliant – thank you so much

    Rob S
    Retail Analytics Business